About Promises Five Palms

Promises Five Palms offers evidence-based residential treatment for men and women with primary mental health disorders. These include depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder and personality disorders. We treat substance abuse as a secondary diagnosis.

Set in Ormond, FL, we provide a discreet, comfortable setting for the work of recovery. Our treatment approach is trauma-focused and research-based. We emphasize healthy coping skills, a balanced life, and physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Clients participate in traditional, alternative and trauma therapies to help them heal from all angles. Treatment plans are personalized to each client’s clinical needs, background and preferences.

What makes Promises Five Palms special is our highly trained treatment team. We’re passionate about helping people recover from trauma, addiction and mental health disorders. Our therapists are trained in evidence-based approaches like Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. We help clients heal the invisible wounds contributing to their struggles. We empower them to take charge of their recovery and lives through innovative treatment and education that restores strength and resiliency. Promises Five Palms is a family member of Promises Behavioral Health.

Our Mission

Promises Five Palms is dedicated to equipping men and women who are ready to face their mental health needs with the tools to take control of their futures. We provide compassionate, evidence-based care that empowers individuals to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living the lives that they desire.

Our Vision

Every client at Promises Five Palms who commits to treatment will leave with the emotional tools to continue to navigate every obstacle in the way of an extraordinary life.

Our promise: to show you the path. Your promise: to take the journey.

Promises Five Palms Leadership

Dr. Laurie Deckard

Executive Director

Dr. Deckard is passionate about creating evidence-based programming that allows patients to heal and flourish during treatment. She enjoys building and managing professional teams and seeing the growth from the first day people come to the facility until the day they leave. Her specialties include trauma, EMDR, psychological testing and forensics.

In almost 20 years as a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Deckard has served as executive director of a Hilton Head treatment center, a psychologist for the U.S. Department of Defense, a nursing home administrator, in private practice working with TBI and dementia, and creating programming for the severely mentally ill. She received her Doctorate of Psychology from Argosy University-Tampa campus, where she had a focus on clinical psychology and forensics. Outside of work, Dr. Deckard loves to travel and exercise her creative muscles through painting and writing. She also enjoys a good game of darts and spending time with her family.

Promises Five Palms Staff

David Heise, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Heise has been a family practitioner, critical care physician and emergency room doctor for 17 years. He has also worked in a psychiatric ER and a hospital psychiatric department. He received his training at the University of Texas at Southwestern and had a diverse residency experience. He is board certified in family practice and loves to help people and make a difference. He brings a caring attitude to his work as medical director and treats his patients as if they are family. Married for 34 years, Dr. Heise has two children who are in the medical field. In his free time, you’ll find him scuba diving, working out or volunteering in his community.

Christina Kunisch, LCSW, QS, MAC, CAMS-II

Clinical Director

Christina is a licensed clinical social worker in Florida and a qualified supervisor able to provide clinical supervision for social work interns seeking licensure. She is trained in traumatic incident reduction, prolonged exposure therapy, accelerated resolution therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She is a SMART Recovery facilitator, and has completed Gorski Advanced Relapse Prevention Therapy Training and the Recovery to Practice Certificate Program through NAADAC.

Christina holds a Bachelor in Social Work and Master of Social Work from East Tennessee State University. She also holds certifications as a master addictions counselor from NAADAC and the Association for Addiction Professionals, and as an anger management specialist-II from the National Anger Management Association. She is a certified wellness recovery action planning facilitator and holds advanced certification in accelerated resolution therapy. In her free time, she unwinds by hiking, reading, gardening, traveling and playing with Ozzie, a therapy dog in training.

Wendy Pesek, BSN, RN

Director of Nursing

Wendy has a deep compassion for those she treats and is passionate about treating the whole person, not just the problem or the wound. She has an Associate of Science in Nursing from Florida State Community College and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of North Florida. Wendy’s career began as a brain injury nurse, where she was responsible for the safety of patients with different levels of cognitive functioning. She also worked as a home health behavioral nurse, performing safety checks and home visits for patients with a variety of medical diagnoses. On her days off, she spends time with her family and goes antique shopping and flea market wondering. She also enjoys camping, boating, hunting and four-wheeling.

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