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Healing and Strenthening Our Military Community

At 5PALMS, our mission is to heal the invisible wounds and improve the lives of the service members we are privileged to treat. We are dedicated to empowering the members of our military community through innovative treatment and education that promotes and restores strength and resiliency.

5 branches of the military

Passionate about treating those who serve our country

Awareness of the ways the invisible wounds impact the lives of those who serve

Leading the way in innovative treatment that promotes healing the mind, body, and spirit

Motivating Service Members to take control of their mental well-being

Strengthening members of our military community

5PALMS is an innovator in SUD and PTSD treatment. We provide inpatient treatment at two different locations; 5PALMS Centerville, TN for Active Duty Service Men who have experienced SUD combat trauma; and 5PALMS Ormond Beach, FL for Active Duty Service Women who have experienced SUD Military Sexual Trauma (MST) or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our highly-trained professionals provide the most current, evidence based trauma treatment in a safe, supportive, and caring environment. 5PALMS utilizes a combination of individual and group therapies designed to educate and promote growth and healing. Whether your goal is to get treatment before you exit service, retire, med board, or have support so you can continue your career in the military, 5PALMS will be there to help you achieve your treatment goals.


The Executive Leadership Team at 5PALMS is comprised of a group of professionals whose complementary strengths build a solid foundation of support for their team. The Leadership Team at 5PALMS prides themselves on their commitment to being knowledgeable, consistent, and compassionate towards those they work with and serve. The team is dedicated to leading from the front, and setting the example for others to follow. Allow us to introduce you to the members of our Executive Leadership Team:


5PALMS parent company, Platinum Health Care, provides a family of services to meet the health care needs at every stage of life. Our continuum of care assures support to enjoy the best quality of life possible. Our team of dedicated and compassionate staff are there when you need them – creating a family atmosphere and a community we are proud to call home. Our commitment to enhancing the life of every person we touch is why we continue to passionately serve in our communities.

Ben KleinFounder / Chief Executive Officer

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