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Family Program

How do you help a loved one, when they are fighting an enemy that you can’t see? It can be a hopeless feeling to watch someone you love struggle with PTSD and not know how to help them. Fortunately, 5PALMS has an answer! Our comprehensive family program begins the moment your loved one walks through our door. While your loved one is getting settled in, our staff will contact you to let you know how their first night is going. We will send you a questionnaire which will give you the opportunity to provide us with vital information about your loved one so we can give them the best opportunity to heal. Our therapists will contact you on a weekly basis for family therapy, to make sure you are included in the life changing treatment that we provide for your loved one. At 5PALMS, we know that one of the keys to successful recovery is a strong support system. Our clinical team will be there to provide you with the tools you will need to support your loved one when they come home. One of our main objectives is to improve communication among family members. We believe this is the foundation for fostering forgiveness, growth, and support among families. Our dedicated staff utilizes techniques from the CRAFT Family Model and Family Systems Theory to provide comprehensive care and ensure each member of the family is supported. Our Family Program provides an opportunity for you to participate in many different ways. You, your loved one, and your therapist may decide to do family visits via telephone, via Skype, or in person. We also offer the chance for you to spend time visiting with your loved one on Sundays, during weeks 3 and 4 of their treatment stay. Like any chronic illness, our ultimate goal at 5PALMS is to help your loved one regain control of their symptoms. We give you the tools to support them so that they have the best chance of sustaining long term recovery. Submit an application for yourself or a family member here.
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