5PALMS is now a Veteran's Choice Provider

If you're like MOST Veterans, you waited until AFTER you got out of the Military to get help for things that happened IN service.

For many of us, our healthcare came secondary to our service. NOW is the time… It doesn't matter if you're recently separated or if you've been out for 30 years, now is the time to take care of YOU!

5PALMS, the innovator in PTSD treatment for Active Duty Service Members, is proud to announce a specialized veteran's program – for women veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma (MST) or suffer from substance abuse.

Many people turn to substances after experiencing a traumatic event. They begin using alcohol, drugs or even medication, to help them not think about what happened. If you are one of the 1.5 MILLION Veterans who use substances, 5PALMS can help. As a licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Center, 5PALMS treats co-occurring disorders - because we believe that healing begins, when you treat the whole person.

5PALMS is here for you... because no one deserves to fight this battle alone.

As a veteran, you are entitle to attend treatment at a treatment center that is outside your local VAMC. All you have to do is tell your PCP that you would like to attend treatment at 5PALMS and ask them to put in a referral for us. We will take care of the rest.

No matter when you served, if you are suffering with substance abuse and are one of the 200,000 women veterans who have been exposed to military sexual trauma, let 5PALMS be your safe place to heal.

Find out if you're eligible for services TODAY!

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